"Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

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Re: "Nikon's most lame new DSLR"

kiirokurisu wrote:

He of all people should know that it would be infeasible for Nikon to do a major update to a camera that is barely 12 months old. He would know that product cycles for the higher-end bodies are much longer than that. He complains about Nikon devaluing the D600 - since when does one buy a body and count on it retaining value?

I mostly agree with the article and don't see it that way.

I don't see anywhere that he expected a big update and is disappointed by the small update.

I don't see anywhere that he is claiming anyone buys a camera counting on it retainting its value.

There is a difference between that and what is IMO the main complaint, which is Nikon trying to weasel out of a problem they created. I agree with him about how obvious it is (emphasizing the new shutter features, but saying nothing about any issue that was fixed, etc.).

If the D600 didn't have this defect (I consider it a defect), would they come out with a D610 now? We'll never know, but I'm guessing no. I just don't see the article as saying anything bad about the camera itself, but instead about the way Nikon handled the situation and how the D610 was born out of it...

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