E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: Shock vs. shake

My oh my, what a confused lot we are. The source of the effect shown in the image is as mysterious as ever.

In one of my posts above, I included two tiny fragments of images of the same subject, at 1/60 sec shutter speed, one shows the "vertical double" signature, the other doesn't.

I was not aware of any difference in technique, as holding the camera in the same way, and so on. But maybe not exactly the same way, there are always going to be minute variations in handling the camera.  Consequently, I could not conclude the blur in the first sample was "shutter shock".

There's the pivot of the entire plot. The randomness of small, essentially unmeasurable alterations in placement of fingers, pressure applied to shutter buttons, angle and position of camera vs. subject, and countless permutations of these factors leaves no unambiguous way to adequately disentangle user factors from subtle and possibly also variable mechanical operations within the camera itself.

In theory, we might be able to gather sufficient data to allow probabilistic predictions. However, in reality even that is way too difficult to accomplish. We're left with inconclusive tests and anecdotal impression as our only guides.

We are reduced to uttering a chunk of uninspired advice, very much a modern cliché, "YMMV", though truthfully it surely does.


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