And you thought Pentax lenses were expensive

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Re: And you thought Pentax lenses were expensive

What gives? And how do they get $4,000 for that lens? I see some of those newer Leica cameras that are still practically MANUAL cameras going for $3,000 and I'm like...WHAT GIVES???

There is currently no rangefinder that competes with the Leica M series regarding precision, quality and features at any price. The same can be said for many of their fixed focal length lenses.

And... could it be that you don't understand what using a rangefinder is all about?

Here's a brief rundown: focus goes where you put it via means of an intuitive, mechanical interface that becomes an extension of you: a very smooth, precise ring you dial in to exactly where you want it. Not an electronic brain putting focus where it thinks you want it, not fumbling for tiny buttons on a control pad you can't look at while composing to select the point you want, no awkward focus and recompose.

You get to see what's just outside the frame as well as what's in the frame.

Bright viewfinder.

Mirorless by design, smaller wide-angle lenses.

All the advantages of modern mirorless designs, none of the drawbacks of 1. EVFs or 2. LCD screens

Focus works well in low light.

Great, discrete cameras for street photography.

Surely, there are disadvantages as well and rangefinders are not for everyone. But just because they're not for you does not mean they are somehow stupid or unfathomable. It just means you lack insight.

Here is some further reading for you:

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