Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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re: before 60d, the flexi screen was reserved solely for Rebels

R2D2 wrote:

jpr2 wrote: I'm looking for possible improvements of AF speed and accuracy over my 7d, which is about month short of its fourth year in my service - needles to say I was very happy with its performance for dynamic action, sports and wildlife shooting (pretty prominent fraction of them being BIFs & IIFs). So the upgrade needs to be quite substantial to be noticeable indeed. My current position is to wait till the 7d Mk-II, unless there will be some overwhelming evidence of 70d's being a maverick marvel

7D2 looks to be right up your alley!

Here's to hoping,


yep. so it seems, but... there is one big BUT - the fully articulated screen: right now in the prosumer EOS line we only see two such models 60d & 70d. Neither of the 1Dx nor 5Dx sport one, so the presence of it on 7d2 is a big, big question mark!!

Puzzling really given the vastly increased functionality :(. So... while looking forward to the 7d2, I'm pretty certain to skip such upgrade should they design it with a fixed LCD only,


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