Who makes Canon/Nikon DSP processors

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Fujitsu Designs / Makes Nikon "Expeed" ASICs

tony field wrote:

Is the Digic processor used by Canon actually designed by Canon and is the Expeed processor of Nikon designed by Nikon? Are they possibly off-the-shelf components designed and created by another company?

I am kind of curious in that, with my limited knowledge, I cannot think why the camera manufacturers would go to the effort of designing a sophisticated DSP when they already have enough issues dealing with their raison d'être which is the sensors.

I can't comment on Canon, but Nikon "Expeed" chips are re-branded Fujitsu "Milbeaut" processors.  Nikon apparently "consults" on the designs, but they aren't the only user.  "Milbeaut" variants now appear in Pentax bodies, the Leica M and S / S2, and Sigma cameras, among others.

Have a read (it's quick):



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