Making a superzoom for a compact is easy, but for a DSLR, it's hard?

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Re: Understanding demand curves

Marty4650 wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

headfirst wrote:

the CN-E30-300mm is a professional video/cine lens - high quality, high R&D/tooling cost & very low production nos. to recover it.

That explanation is backwards and doesn't satisfy. How many SLR users do we think actually enjoy changing lenses?

Pretty much all of them do. They may not enjoy it that much but they have elected to change lenses in order to get the quality they want. If they wanted the convenience of never having to change lenses they probably would have bought something else.

You see, that's exactly what I don't think is true at all. I think they bought the DSLR for the image quality. Show me the person that says they love the process of changing lenses, missing shots while they do, and accumulating dust on their sensor.

I certainly don't. And yet, I slavishly continue in that bad habit because I've been told that I won't get good IQ with a travel lens. And the reason I bought an SLR is partly because I wanted that IQ.

I think you are making the mistake of thinking that what you want... should be what everyone else wants. If you want a superzoom lens (or a fixed superzoom camera) then by all means, you should buy one. It will suit your needs and your expectations.

You're making assumptions here. You may find they aren't correct.

But do not assume that all those other people are buying prime lenses and 2X or 3X zoom lenses because they have no other choice, and they really wish they could buy a nice 25X zoom lens and be done with it.

I know that twisting what other people write is a hobby here at DPR... So I don't agree with you at all that someone who only ever shoots at 55mm should own a travel lens. Strongly disagree with you there. See?

Buy exactly what you need.

Not available. Isn't that why we're all here? I'm sure you'll disagree and tell me that some people are just here b/c they can't get attention some other way. Btw, how's your blog going?

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