After 3 weeks & thousands of shots: NEX-6 + Sony lenses are SUPERB!

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Re: After 3 weeks & thousands of shots: NEX-6 + Sony lenses are SUPERB!


Thanks for posting your pics and for standing up for them, and the camera system you enjoy. I don't understand the attitudes of others that want to pick apart your original statement. I never took it to mean that it was the best camera system out there, or the best lenses out there. Nor did I take it to mean that you thought your photos-on-the-fly were works of art. I took it to mean that it pleased you and performed "superbly" to your satisfaction given your preference for a compact system at a reasonable cost.

I'm just a newbie to the world of beyond-the-pocket cameras. But I have been reading the threads here at this forum almost religiously for the past several months hoping to learn something on those days when I can't actually get out to shoot. I am pretty modest about my photos, but there are some I have taken with my NEX 5n and 24z that make me almost want to melt with pleasure. Yea, you could say I am happy with my choice of system. Most importantly, it makes me want to get better. To me, that qualifies as "superb".

People who nitpick don't impress me.

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