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Re: Bought from Amazon

Absolutic wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

Well K&M Camera on amazon has 3 Black ones in stock. It is a New York store with excellent reviews (at least on amazon).

I just ordered one with Saturday Delivery. I had some amazon points so it ended up even less. Lets see if they come through

Hope that K&M order works out for you. Lots of stores pad their reviews and make sure they have plenty of good ones.

The package that ordered from K&M actually was delivered by and through Amazon. Apparently it was always at Amazon's custody. Amazon tried to explain it to me (I chatted with them) but I still don't understand how it works, because it was a part of amazon prime. I guess some sellers sell through amazon, others on their own?

It's actually a very simple arrangement. The sellers ship all their stock to the Amazon warehouse, and when an item is sold Amazon ships it to the customers. Amazon has much lower shipping costs, then the standard rates other vendors have to pay. I don't know if they mingle with their other stock. And I think for all such shipments the Amazon return policy applies and the returned items go back to Amazon warehouse instead of the vendor's.

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