Photo editing + laptop: Thinkpad W530 or HP Envy 15t?

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gary stepic
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Hope you don't mind me reviving this old thread

I have been doing a lot of research on a laptop good for photo editing. I am ruling out the Macbook because of price and the fact I need the laptop for client bookkeeping using QuickBooks. My laptop will not be my primary computer for photo editing but if it can do what I hope it can do, maybe it will be.

The specs are as good as my desktop except I use a much larger IPS monitor with my desktop. I know how important color management is, yet I have not been good at calibrating my monitor, I have some excuses but they are not good ones. I could use the Lenovo as my primary computer if I could hook up my regular monitor and if it would not be too difficult to calibrate the monitor from the laptop. I am guessing the built in calibration tool will not calibrate an external monitor but if it did, this could influence my decision.

I was kind of put back because of not having a numeric keypad with the W530. But after using the tiny tiny non back lit keys of my current laptop I think the Lenovo may be a joy to use if I simply buy an external numerical keypad.

I am a little hung up on the fact it appears even the higher resolution W530 does not use a IPS display. I have seen one review where the monitor is not very bright, but I don't care about gaming and maybe for photos it is plenty bright enough. I won't be using the laptop at the beach but I may want to use it outdoors while having a beer in the shade from time to time. I don't know of any laptop that is very good to use outdoors, even in the shade. If I did use it outdoors it would be for writing and not photo editing.

So my main question is how difficult would it be to use an external monitor and calibrate it with the W530.


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