Wifi setup on mac for ZS30

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Re: Wifi setup on mac for ZS30 (TZ40)

Just to add to the knowledge.

I have successfully connected my TZ40 (=ZS30) to my MacBook Air (mid 2012) running OSX 10.8.5 using the excellent guide above. My TZ40 has the latest firmware.

There are a few extra things worth noting though.

1) Connecting through the menu bar

Once you've created a new connection on the camera, you need to be able to see this on your Mac:

(the camera's Wi-Fi network name or SSID is at the bottom).

If you can't see the Wi-Fi icon, pull down the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, Network, and tick Show Wi-Fi status in Menu Bar:

The first time you connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network from the menu bar, you'll be asked for a password. This is given here:

Once you've done this, your Mac will remember the password by default unless you specifically tell it to forget the network.

2 File sharing, NETBIOS name etc.

Your NETBIOS and workgroup names are found in System Preferences - Network - Advanced - WINS:

The camera expects the workgroup to be called WORKGROUP - probably best not to change either of these.

You have to do two things to enable file sharing on the Mac, before you attempt to make a connection with the camera. First you have to enable Windows sharing:

If it's not, click the Options button:

You then have to decide on a folder you want to share and enable sharing on it, either via "Get info" in the Finder or from the Sharing panel in System Prefs. The Public folder of your own account is shared by default.

3 Connecting the camera

I found this to be quite slow. The camera asked for my user name - this is your user name on the Mac, with no spaces. It depends on how you originally set up the account, but it's likely to be FirstnameLastname (JohnSmith, JaneJones etc) - probably case sensitive. I was also asked for my password. This is the account login password for that account on the Mac. There's quite a wait before anything happens, but I then was able to connect to my shared folder. There was then another wait of at least a minute before I could select and transfer images. Image transfer itself is respectably fast. The camera created a new folder inside my shared folder and placed the images inside it.

As mentioned above, you definitely want to save the connection as a favourite to avoid having to go through the pain of repeatedly typing in the details.

I hope this helps someone - at the end of the day I fear it's a lot quicker to take the SD card out of the camera and stick it into the laptopĀ  The iOS Image App is a lot slicker.

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