Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

captura wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Might a more rational explanation be that Sony inherited the A mount and manufactured the shorter flange focal length E mount basically for aps-c sensors? That they are proposing a FF sensor short flange focal length camera with no current and few initially possible lenses that will mount natively and take advantage of the larger image circle?

This would naturally lead to camera branding gymnastics as they desperately try and rationalise the mish-mash of mount/sensor combinations. I am sure that on the long run they would like to see the A mount dead and E mount the standard for FF capable short flange focal length lenses and lots of them.

Welcome to how Sony is going to figure this out, I am sure that they are on top of it.

Canon decided on the EF-M ... just to break the ice.

How long did it take to build Rome?

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With no pellicle mirror on the new ILC-A cameras, Sony can now use the short-registry E-mount lenses. This helps to make the overall size even smaller compared to the older SLT designs. Using an A mount lens might be discouraged by Sony as it will be obsoleted. A-mount and E-mount after all, are both APS-C so I don't understand why they want to keep the A-mount cameras going. But I understand that Sony FF lenses can mount onto A-mount bodies.

In the next few weeks Sony might announce the A-88, a new mirrorless A-body as the replacement for the A-77.

Interesting how "they" deal with it. The difficult proposition of telling loyal dslr owners that the type will die eventually. Lots of enthusiastic people running around with "proper" cameras. Before I get bludgeoned - the dslr still does a few things better than cameras that rely on an evf. But the list gets shorter each month.

Firstly lens stocks. Canon and Nikon happily keep churning out lenses with longer flange focal lengths and image circles that will cope with FF sensors. Both old MF lenses stocks and newer AF lens stocks combined provide a huge reservoir of relatively cheap second hand market of items that were designed and built like family heirlooms. To my mind newer "auto-everthing" lenses (with a few notable exceptions) are increasingly being built to last the much shorter lifetime of just a few digital cameras. In a subtle way users are getting conditoned to throw away lenses. The price has not come down, but whilst I am presently able to use a (say) up to 60 year old MF lens recycled via and adapter can we honestly look at some of the lenses today and think of them still being in first line use 30 years from now?

Maybe the new "black" will be a great big legacy lens on a petite little evf driven body. My rather large Canon EF 50mm f1.2 might be cumbersome to carry but certainly gives those "proper" entry-level dslr bodies a run for their money in the posing stakes

Minolta went to the wall getting their dslr to market and Sony are trying to slowly extricate themself from supporting the flange focal length of a slr body. Olympus gave up and Pentax, well I don't even think Pentax knows their strategy. Maybe the Q will still ride to the rescue? Q lenses actually perform pretty well but look and feel like a Chinese clone manufacturer could make and sell them for $20 each with access to the design and rights to use it.

Nikon is just hoping that 1" sensors will improve enough in time so that they can axe their dslr's - 20 years maybe?

Canon is probably hoping that their customers will move their EF lenses to high end video cameras seeing that their ES-M hasn't actually bought the imgination that they might have expected.

It seems that tthe point and shoot public have either retreated to their mobile phones or nevertheless still expect cameras to progress in capability and therefore can figure out a camera that has been downgraded below technical possibility just too sell at a price point.

Maybe we can look forward to Canon trying a bit harder next time?

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