Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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Re: Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

CAcreeks wrote:

You forgot to mention in-camera panorama stitching (10).

Of your drawbacks, the only ones that seem important to me are the second dial (1-2), exposure/focus lock (4), and histogram (5).

I seldom use manual focus, would never use aperture ring, am happy with just LCD, hate B&W, and think metal construction is overkill in a camera body that will be outmoded in a few years.

Cameras that cost over $1000 are just not in the cards for me.

bowportes wrote:

The X-M1 and X-A1 ... both lack:

1. a shutter speed dial

2. a dedicated exposure compensation dial (on the X-M1 and X-A1 the "exposure compensation" dial becomes a "shutter speed" dial in Manual exposure mode

3. a physical button for shifting from Auto to Manual focus

4. a physical Auto exposure/focus Lock button

5. The ability to see the histogram on the screen (on my X-M1, the histogram can be seen only in image review / playback mode)

6. An aperture ring on the lenses that are sold with the camera

7. Perhaps most importantly, a viewfinder. The M1 and A1 don't even make provision for an accessory viewfinder

8. Black and white filter simulations (among the films) as well as the Pro Negative "film" options

9. Metal construction.

I use manual focus quite frequently, love the aperture ring, like B&W variations, hope to use a camera body for many years, and use the LCD only when shooting from waste level (or lower) from above my head, or from on a tripod -- i.e. in cases where it is difficult to put a camera to your eye.

Even for reviewing photos in camera, I find the EVF to be far superior.  Some of it, I think, is a matter of focus. When you use the EVF, you see nothing but your image.  When you look at the LCD, everything else in front of you  is visible.  Each to his own.

I thought I would enjoy an Oly EPL5 because it had the same highly touted image quality as the Oy EM5, but I didn't enjoy visualizing images at all with just the LCD, and so hardly ever used it.  The XM1/A1 LCD is better, but you have to boost its gain to see it well in bright sunlight, and when you do, anything that is off-white or light cream color looks pure white, giving the impression of blown highlights. The LCD also displays more exaggerated contrast than you see in an EVF or OVF, making me feel like I must dial down the Highlights and Shadows setting.  Afterward, when I see the image on a computer, I  realize that the contrast in the photo was nothing like what I saw on the camera's LCD.

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