Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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Re: Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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CAcreeks wrote:

I am not used to this. Lately, Fuji has pre-announced products that turn out disappointing in some way, later somewhat fixed by firmware update, introduction of a replacement model, or in the case of the X10, sensor replacement.

This time the X-A1 suddenly appeared at a very appealing price and seemingly without any major flaws.

The X-A1 is one of the more interesting cameras in recent years. Weight and size are similar to M43. Unlike the Nikon-1 and EOS-M, it seems like a serious product. Unlike NEX almost all lenses (so far) are good or excellent. Lightroom can support it easily and well.

Was the X-A1 just an afterthought, or an end-run around the X-Trans engineering team?

I think Fuji themselves may have been surprised at how well it tested and compares to the X-M1, et al, from an image quality perspective.

It depends on your definition of "Fuji". It's a large company and there are many groups involved in every product, and just like in every other company every group desires to get praise and rewards whether they deserve it or not. I'm sure those who pioneered and advertised the trans design got their rewards, though their claims are suspect now, so it's time for the company bosses to do the postmortem analysis and get to the facts and reevaluate the strategy.

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