Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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Re: Average age of viewfinder users?

CAcreeks wrote:

A 30-something friend of mine bought an OM-D E-M5 for the extraordinary image quality, but never uses the viewfinder.

I have an S200EXR with electronic viewfinder, and use it only for telephoto (birds, wildlife). It is terrible for wide angle and tripod use. So while I respect your opinion, it won't influence me.

I think it is a matter of when you started in photography for many of us. I started in the Mid 70's when every camera had a viewfinder of some kind and no LCD screen. We learned to compose & shoot with such things. They were big, bright and with a 35mm SLR very fast to acquire focus with some practice.

While these days I prefer to use the view finder for most things. for example, it keeps the camera in close and helps hold the camera steady, and allows me to use slower shutter speeds unaided than holding at arms length would. However, I do make good use of the rear LCD now that it is here to stay.  It is very useful many times while on a tripod & nearly all the time shooting close ups & macro of static subjects on the tripod.

I do not hold any photographer in contempt nor will I ridicule them if they do not find a viewfinder useful or even know why it is there. Things change & people's ideas change as well. I am OK with that.


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