Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: bogus M43 (Olympus) critique?

bowportes wrote:

I owned a Panasonic G1, GH1, GH2, GX1, and G5, and an Olympus EPL5, and I especially liked the GH2 and G5. The multi-zone auto focus of those cameras runs circles around my X-E1, and their video was tons better.

I took plenty of good photos with them, but never found the OOC colors (especially from the Olympus) particularly appealing, and the JPEG dynamic range always seemed limited, with highlights too easily blown.

That is a lot of cameras to own!

Did you not try Gradation=Auto on your EPL5?

I don't think it worked well before the new sensor, and Panasonic never had it and still doesn't.

Based on DPreview dynamic range charts, Auto Gradation works better than EXR to preserve both shadows and highlights.

It sounds like you didn't spend enough time with the manual...

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