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controls are very important, but also AF, EVF and swivel LCD

jonathanj wrote:

I picked the GX7 option, as I'd prefer that to a larger, heavier body, but really I'm not bothered about the form factor as long as the ergonomics are good - the camera can fit large and small hands well, doesn't slip easily, has various manual controls that are easily accessible and customisable, and the build quality is good. I like the current NX20 form factor, but I'd rather have a well-build rangefinder design to a bad mini-DSLR design. I don't really need a high-end pro model, and I'd be concerned about price, but I'd rather have to save 6 months for an expensive camera that ticks all the boxes than be able to buy now a cheap camera missing features.

The important thing is controls. The Panasonic Gx series, and as far as I can tell the GH2/3 and GX7 too, all have good accesible physical controls that can be customised. Add a touchscreen by all means, but please don't take away my dials and buttons!

Yes, I prefer a pretty light body, with good ergonomics and controls. Tilt and swivel LCD is a must and for the love of all that is photogenic a good EVF with better diopter adjustment! The loose, constantly changing diopter adjustment is the worst part of NX20 which is otherwise a very fine camera. If the diopter adjustment of the NX30 is as poor, I'll throw a nasty fit. And last but not least, the AF at least on the level of NX300 is required.

So, what the NX30 needs to be is basically the NX20 with improvements in:

  • updated sensor
  • improved (phase detetction) AF
  • improved EVF (diopter adj.)

and definitely keep the fantastic tilt and swivel LCD. Also, I'd like AF lock to be implemented the way it is in for example Canon cameras - the press of the button locks AF (this needs to be at least a menu option). For proper manual focus we need focus peaking and distance scale (this is not hard to do and is a must for any photographer, especially landscape photography.

Oh, almost forgot: the fast zooms (for example a 16-50/2.8) and telezooms (70-300) need to be announced along with the camera!

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