>>>Weekly "IS IT ART?" thread. Post your Artistic Photos. 10/05/13<<<

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winniepoo Veteran Member • Posts: 4,060

Erik Ohlson wrote:

>>>Weekly "IS IT ART?" thread. Post your Artistic Photos. 9/28/13<<<

Let's try it again!

I'm looking forward to seeing your "Artistic" photos - no need for realism!

Please post your "Artistic" shots - any camera, any time, even old film shots.

Please reply to this first post and change the subject line when posting so we know it's a 'new' post, and change the subject line at the top to reflect YOUR picture, so replies will indicate what picture is being commented on.

Please let people post photos for a day or so before posting comments.

I'll start it off with this:

"Measure wealth not by things you have but by things for which you would not take money"
www.flickr.com/ohlsonmh/ ohlsonmh@yahoo.com

Love the composition , the shadow, the colors ,Erik. What a wonderful treat a my eyes !

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