Making a superzoom for a compact is easy, but for a DSLR, it's hard?

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Leandros S wrote::

I still don't find that intuitive. Other than the issue of flange distance, you should be able to scale a bridge camera design up to being an exchangeable lens, and vice versa. Added to that, miniaturising things is technically harder than making them bigger - at least in terms of R&D. At the small scale, imperfections are much more noticeable, so the glass actually needs to be higher quality.

Double the size does not mean double the cost.  2x length = 8x volume of glass.  And it still does not scale at 8x; there is less tolerance of curvature and more than 8x reject rate.

And yet, I don't hear the superzoom compact reviews droning on about sharpness. In fact, the last time I remember that complaint as referring to the glass rather than the autofocus accuracy was in an HX300V review - that being a 20MP camera!

I've not seen a "1200mm equivelent" image with an IQ that I'd be happy with.  Compact superzooms are usually compared to other compacts.

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