To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

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Re: To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

No Regrets wrote:

I am a beginner in this hobby, and the XZ-1 has been my first camera. I love that it is small, and as a result I have it with me often when a photo opportunity presents itself to me. I love the colors and how well the jpegs out of camera look. Either I've been really lucky, or this camera just has an uncanny ability to make alot of my shots look pleasing to me.

I think it has done very well in well lighted situations, but when used in low light, I get some smearing, blurring of detail, etc. Maybe it would help if I utilize a tripod...

I'm wondering what people move up to after using the XZ-1 that will overcome some of the short comings of this great little camera.

I realize that it will likely be much larger. I will not sell the XZ-1 because it suits me well for many of my needs. I'm just looking for an additional camera that I can enjoy and love as much as this little one.

Thanks much!

I love my XZ-1, took it to Germany, Austria & Iceland last year, never a problem(jon404 setting). I bought it as a back up for my older DLSR Fuji, which on this trip stayed in my bag most of the time. It's Heavy!

Now I would like to replace my Fuji with a M43 camera. The E-PL5 has the same sensor as the OM-5 & P-5, but a few less features and half the cost. I also have looked into the Panasonic GX-7 (twice as much also), many features but like the OM-5 & P-5 will I use them? I could care less about video and a tilt or swivel screen. I need more reach as in a longer lens, the PL-5 would do that and I could use the VF-2 view finder I bought for the XZ-1.

The DPR Studio Comparison is a great tool for comparing cameras. I choice is up to you?  Also read where Olympus is coming out with a PL-7, a PL-6 is out but only for sale in Japan.


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