Canon flash manual mode and distance

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Re: Canon flash manual mode and distance

kentmcpherson wrote:

Actually, the book is not about a specific flash. It is about flash photography. It just so happens that Bryan uses Nikon and an SB900 flash in his examples. The Canon 580 EX II doesn't have the same behavior as the Nikon which is why I asked the question. The book does cover both manual and automatic (TTL or ETTL) modes. It's just a bit difficult to translate from Nikon to Canon or vice versa sometimes. I heard the 600EX-RT works very similarly to the SB900 but that means some significant $ as I have 3 580's. Thanks for trying though.

Sorry, but Bryan Peterson's book "Understanding Flash Photography" in no way covers TTL flash.  Peterson is not a flash guy, and he is certainly not a TTL guy.

Page 44 tells you why not, which is because TTL sometimes meters white or black subjects wrong.  Of course, this is not about TTL - all camera meters are reflective metering and do exactly the same thing, flash or not.  Regarding TTL, the book never mentions Flash Compensation ,or how to use TTL.   Just says "why do I dislike TTL?".

His book is only about Manual flash mode, but even then, is specifically about GN mode flash mode, pertaining to those few Nikon models that have GN mode.   It is NOT even about Guide Number, it never mentions what Guide Number is or how to use it.  It only says to enter the distance into GN mode.  Dumbed down to the maximum degree.

So it fusses that TTL is sometimes not fully accurate.  Yet, it covers Bounce flash by simply saying "open two stops more" (from the direct GN value).   Like that is accurate?    ROFL

GN mode is good stuff (assuming only direct flash, and if you know distance).  It is like incident metering, independent of the subject colors.  But most any other book on flash has to be more worthwhile for beginners.

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