E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: Studio scene shots

Andy Westlake wrote:

Whatever blurring you think may be visible on the studio scene shots (and we replaced the ISO 400 version that we originally published with a noticeably better one), it's absolutely not the clear vertical double-imaging we're talking about in the E-P5 review.

Something is inconsistent with the testing.  The EM-5 looks really good now (it avoids the 1/80th shutter speed that the other Oly's hit).  Others still look bad at 1/80th comparatively.

Also I do not think we can rule out double-imaging since the testing scenario is different...one is handheld on a 17mm with IBIS on, the other is a 45mm 1.8 tripod with anti-shock on and IBIS off.  Does IBIS induce the double imaging?  It should be tested if turning off IBIS remedies the situation for the E-P5...if so its got some of the same heritage as first and second generation cheaper PENs (E-PM1/2, PL-3/5)

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