E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: Shock vs. shake

Andy Westlake wrote:

I've explained many times what I think is going on with the E-P5 - it just seems unusually susceptible to shake movements in a certain shutter speed range that the IS system can't correct. This results in a distinct double-image blurring in perhaps 60% - 70% of your shots at the 'danger' speeds, although this will be visible to a greater or lesser extent depending on other factors (for example, noise reduction at high ISOs will tend to mask it completely).

Note that the E-P5 is very different to the E-M5 here - this specific double-image blurring simply isn't visible from the latter when the two are shot side-by-side under controlled conditions. This doesn't necessarily mean there's no such thing as 'shutter shock' at all, either - just that I don't think it explains the specific blurring we see from the E-P5.

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Andy Westlake

OK, that's clear enough.  I'll let it go as a peculiarity of the EP5, based on something in its construction that makes it "high strung".  I understand many odd things are hard to account for, and the EP5 may be one of them.  I certainly am not insisting on "answers" when there really aren't any.

Glad the E-M5, and I imagine the forthcoming E-M1, don't manifest the same problems.  In using the E-M5 for 17 months encountered few problems.  There have been occasional occurrence of blur when I didn't expect it, but no pattern I can identify.

One thing I have noticed with the E-M5 is that IS becomes less effective when battery power is low, i.e., the "two-stripe" warning is showing.  Low shutter speed shows this the most, say 1/8 sec and longer.  Perhaps it's been reported before, but I don't regard it as a big problem.



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