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Re: You should simply switch

tecnoworld wrote:

Why did I choose nx 2 years ago?

1) traditional body with lots of physical controls

2) nice pancakes at nice prices

3) good/very good iq

4) nx100 with optional evf and nx10/11 with integrated evf

m43 had all of this, and more, 2 years ago -- I speak from personal experience. Still, you made a reasonable choice

So a very good start, that for some features has been very well developed (bringing to the nx300) for other has gone back. Nx200 and nx300: no optional evf. Nx20: very slow operations. Galaxy nx: no physical controls. All models: tiny buffer, no competitive evf, no ibis.

That might be correct, but it is a result of Samsung trying to repeat as a monkey what others have done. Luckily recently Samsung got to their senses and started something new and different with the Galaxy line where their strength is -- a marriage of electronics and photography.

Why am I staying with nx as of now?

1) very good iq

Same as Sony, Fuji and m43, so no reason.

2) investment in lenses (not willing to spend on other systems now that I spent on nx and I would not take even half money from selling nx parts)

That is irrelevant, although I feel sorry for you. Remember cameras and lenses are not an investment (which investment depreciates with time?), but a pure expense.

3) great bokeh with 85 f1.4 (what m4/3 can do that in your opinion???)

I might give you that one only, although the Olympus 75/1.8 is pretty close.

4) nice with legacy lenses (focus peaking + magnification with nx300).

Same with Sony and latest Panasonic, so no reason.

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