I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

Started Oct 6, 2013 | Polls thread
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You should simply switch

Whoever voted for the first two options -- you folks should simply switch brands, if the features listed are so important to you.

m43 has pretty much the same picture quality with the new Sony sensors. m43 has way bigger lens selection. It has IBIS, weather sealing, mini-DSLR and rangefinder form factors, extensive flash range including wireless flash, etc.

If you want the body to be that much like the other offerings -- what is it that keeps you folks with Samsung? Really? For a "traditional," old fart photographer m43 or even Sony NEX is clearly way, way better suited.

I have switched to NX because it is different and matches exactly my needs. I shoot events and I travel, I blog and post online and in (closed) social networks. The fast seamless workflow, upgrades and connectivity thanks to Android is critical for me. So is the availability of just a couple of unique lenses for my type of shooting, most importantly the 85/1.4. The unique "smart" hot shoe ED-EM10 mike and ED-SEF220 flash which I'll buy soon will suit me perfectly. I like the Galaxy NX as a system because it provides a clear upgrade path S4 Zoom -> Galaxy Camera -> Galaxy NX.

There it is -- I have switched because NX is different, not because it is a rehash of the same old and mindlessly apes somebody else. I have very clear, specific reasons to switch to and be with NX.

If you don't -- you should definitely switch away from NX.

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