Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

bowportes wrote:

stimpy wrote:

I don't get m43 at all. I had a G3 for a few months and all that happened was I lost interest in photography.

Now I see the latest whizz bang Olympus body selling for more than a good Fuji with lens. It makes me laugh.

Eh? What don't you get?

Take the gx7 it's a small discrete ilc camera much like the xe1 with very similar iq in the real world.

The only real difference is ibis, fast and accurate af and decent video.

You have certainly identified the GX-7 advantages, but those aren't the only real differences. The Fuji has the advantage of a larger sensor, shallower depth of field, superior glass (especially on the "kit" zoom), better out-of-camera JPEG colors, wider dynamic range, and (IMO) a superior control model to the standard PASM model.

But you are listing technical differences, yes the sensor is slightly larger and the dynamic range slightly wider (though isn't the om-d and X100 the same according to DXO Mark?). Glass is very subjective, to rule out every possible lens for m43 inc leica is a bit naive; but no matter, if you feel it's better for you it's still impossible to demonstrate because most of it is just technical details that in all honesty do not relate to better or worse photos in 99.9% of cases, and if they do I'd love to be proved wrong and shown clear evidence.

Don't get me wrong, I love my X100 and will probably be buying the XE2 shortly, but as much as I love my Fuji's I can't see a major difference to some m43 setups, so I just don't get the guys like the OP who claim they could not get any decent photos with m43 and even go so far as to say the system them from photography.

That's a fairly dramatic statement haha.

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