Why is photography now considered a terrorist act?

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Re: These forums should be ample evidence why that is happening.

I think Osvaldo hit this on the money - a power trip.  I had one of those at Philly airport about 2 years ago....I was awaiting a shuttle.  I pulled out my DSLR and didn't even pointed at the aircraft...I quickly had this woman, who oversaw this pavilion, inform me that I can't photos.  I knew she was blowing smoke up my kilt (sort of speak) and I threw some curve balls at her about nothing is in writing and if FAA was really serious about this policy....this would be evident in posted signs.  On top of that I mentioned (just had to) the peeps with gazillions of mobile phones taking pix.  She went behind the counter....muttering something....feeling stifled.

That's the thing, you give people little power (similar to security guards)...and they become these automotons....their way or the highway.


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