Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

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Re: Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

As a non-sports photographer (amateur, but advanced) I wanted an upgrade to the D700 - mainly in the areas of viewfinder and sensor. I eventually got a D800 in spite of the 36MP and poor live view implementation.

What I want is:

- D750: A D800 body with the D600 sensor and non-line skipping live view

- Mirrorless FX: Tired of the focusing accuracy problems with fast glass, either in AF or MF mode. Give me some high quality compact primes (f/2 or 2.8 would be fine) that are sharp wide open across the frame and get slightly better when stopped down. For the vast majority of what I shoot f/2.8 is just fine. This would be a fantastic landscape camera that didn't need focus tracking, high FPS, high end video, etc.

I've been building up a m43 kit recently and, although it's far from a perfect system, it has some attributes associated with not having a mirror that are really attractive (like accurate AF, great ability to focus with MF lenses, gaining up the image in low light, being able to see the exact DOF, etc.).

One can hope!

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