Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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Re: Why so little fanfare for the X-A1?

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CAcreeks wrote:

I am not used to this. Lately, Fuji has pre-announced products that turn out disappointing in some way, later somewhat fixed by firmware update, introduction of a replacement model, or in the case of the X10, sensor replacement.

This time the X-A1 suddenly appeared at a very appealing price and seemingly without any major flaws.

The X-A1 is one of the more interesting cameras in recent years. Weight and size are similar to M43. Unlike the Nikon-1 and EOS-M, it seems like a serious product. Unlike NEX almost all lenses (so far) are good or excellent. Lightroom can support it easily and well.

Was the X-A1 just an afterthought, or an end-run around the X-Trans engineering team?

I think Fuji themselves may have been surprised at how well it tested and compares to the X-M1, et al, from an image quality perspective. I think it was *meant* to be the "little brother", but I suspect it will begin cannibalizing sales from the X-M1 ("big brother"), for a start.

Perhaps they're not ready to acknowledge their miscalculation and thus are keeping it a bit quiet, not wanting to admit the pricier alternatives are no bargain.

As far as I can tell, it's exactly the same body. If so, I suspect it doesn't matter to Fuji too much which one someone buys. If they buy the X-M1, that's great because that's more expensive (and presumably has a bigger profit margin). However, even selling an X-A1 means some profit and it gets more people in to the lens system, which must be a major part of their income for the X-series. So clever manufacturing design would mean that Fuji doesn't lose out very much even if the X-M1 does not take off. Those sensors can still presumably be used in other bodies (X100s, X-E2 etc). None of this applies if the X-A1 and X-M1 bodies are very different of course!

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