E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: E-P5 and "sh_tter Shock"

Back in the early days of PEN M43, didn't the EP1 have a similar issue which was blamed on the wobbly 14-42 zoom? I recall someone posted a WAV file of the shutter, like Guy did recently, to illustrate the vibes that were going on. Olympus released a firmware fix which probably changed the timing of the shutter curtain relative to catching the image that seemed to make the yelling about the problem go away. DPR updated its review after the FW change came out too. Maybe this happened with the EPL1 and not the EP1. It was a while ago.

Here, I suppose they could do the same thing. If Andy Westlake's hypothesis is correct, they will change some parameters so that the sensor is in a more stable position when the exposure happens. I bet it will take about two months to happen. Lots of testing needed to make sure something else didn't get broken.

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