E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Check your studio scene shots

Andy Westlake wrote:

The phenomenon we observed with the E-P5 does not look this at all. With the camera on a tripod, there's absolutely no hint of blurring, in all the test shots I've taken (which runs into hundreds). This is true not just on the properly-solid tripods I normally use for testing, but also on the lightest, flimsiest tripod I own, which is very wobbly indeed (I wouldn't dream of using the E-P5 on it normally). The shake also substantially goes away if you use the touchscreen to release the shutter when shooting handheld. This doesn't fit a 'shutter shock' explanation at all.

Absolutely no hint? Compare the ISO 200 and 400 studio shots. The Low Light versions are very slightly sharper than the Day Light versions. The low light versions have a bit more contrast and moire in the horizontal converging line resolution strips. More moire and aliasing also appears in the resolution stip below center with better contrast and also in the etching of the family scene. The differences are minor but visible. The E-M1 and E-M5 exhibit a greater difference than is visible in the E-P5 for whatever reason.

The Daylight versions at those two ISO speeds are in the supposed shutter shock danger zone but the Low light shots are well below the danger zone. Assuming here that there were no changes between shots other than shutter speed, how would explain this consistent pattern other than by attributing it to shutter shock?

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