Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

Started Oct 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

For the serious, but amateur action shooter (e.g. someone who isn't going to drop $6000 on a D4), it is clear that Nikon has no great FX or DX offering where they used to have both the D700 and D300.

In FX, there is no current body that has great AF, a good sized buffer, D800-type build and can do at least 8fps for less than $3000 (e.g. a 24MP D700 upgrade, often referred to as a D710 or D750). Put the D600 sensor in the D800 body and shutter and AF with a new EXPEED chip that can process 24MP at 8fps.  If Nikon wants to know why I haven't bought a new body in 6 years, this is why.  They haven't made anything since the D700/D300 that is semi-affordable (e.g. not $6k) and is optimized for sports/action shooting.

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