Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

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Re: Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

I'm not sure I follow, but as a long time DX (D200/D300) user and now FX (D700/D800e) user, I can tell you the few things that I see as missing, or basically what bothers me.

First off, note the bodies I've been shooting (since 2007).   Prosumer bodies, I'd guess you'd call them.  All of them with grips, and the last three with large batteries (for both capacity and frame rate).

Essentially I'd prefer D3s / D4, but choose not to spend that much money.   Although I've become a convert to the pixel count of the D800e.

Before I got the D800e, I used either a D300 or a D700.   I did not find that they mixed well at the same venue, even though the bodies were nearly identical.   The D300 pretty much became a specialty camera used for wildlife, and the D700 for everything else.

Now I have the D800e/D700 combo, though I don't use the D700 very much.  (Perhaps because the D800e is still newish after 6 months, but mostly because the D800e outclasses the D700 IQ in a lot of ways.)

What I, and a lot of people in the D300 or D700 camp wanted, was basically a ... D400 and a D7xx.   Same body, for SURE.   Same frame rate (!)   And about 24mp.    What we got was ... an apparent abandonment of the pro DX line, and a really-really-nice-but-too-slow D700 replacement.

Most of the time I can live without the speed of my D700 with grip, but when I shoot the D700 back-to-back with the D800e, the difference is glaring there.

I'm not sure what I want is quite as important at this time as what I'm currently willing to buy.   And I'm still willing to buy another camera.   Not a $6000 camera (which has too few MP for me at this point, but which I'd really like at $3500...)

I feel the sensor difference between the D800e and my D300.   I feel the pixel density difference (DX crop mode of the D800e) too.   I want, and am willing to actually buy, a D400, assuming it is at (or above) 24mp and can get to 8fps.   I'd be using it for wildlife, and some sports.   Maybe Nikon thinks I'll eventually buy a D4, but I'd have much rather had a D3s than a D700 with grip, and I never bought one of those.

Nope, not going to buy a D7100/D600/D610 body either, regardless of the sensor in it.

Nikon, my money is still in my wallet, and it sounds like you could use some of it.

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