Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

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Nikon FF lineup - what Nikon shooters really want?

I am DX shooter and planning to move to FX. I see a a lot of rant on current Nikon FF lineup and I was wondering if it is due to the fact that the Nikon FF line is not well thought out in terms of mix and needs for various type of photographers?

Should Nikon plan a line that fits needs and budgets of photographers instead of trying to get into compromise of sorts? I guess what people really want is something like below on a high level so that they can pick their camera of choice.

But if Nikon does something like that, will they do harm to their sales with some lower price products eating away into the higher priced ones? With sensor performance so close these days (D600 and D800 has shown just that) the only differentiator could be features. Is it not possible to create a line that is segregated by features that people can select and buy as per their needs and type of shooting?

Here's a line I could think of after doing some reading on the FF forum here. I have kept the D4 and D3X out. I have added UK price as a guide.

Pros - FF users and and DX users upgrading from D3XX/D7XXX

  1. D800/E upgrade - Whenever it comes with better DR, Wifi, GPS - £2600
  2. D800 E - Top quality IQ as of today - £2250
  3. D800 - Top quality IQ as of today after D800E (For pros who has IQ and big prints as the top priority and not speed) - £1950
  4. D710 / D750 - Same spec and build as D800E, but with 20/24MP and higher FPS as D700, Wifi, GPS (For pros who needs speed and less MP) - £1800

FF Amateurs and serious enthusiasts and DX users upgrading from D5XXX/D7XXX

  1. D610 - D600 + no AA filter, 51 pt AF and 1/250 shutter speed, Aperture changeable on liveview - No oil issue, Wifi and GPS (for Amateurs) - £1500

Entry Level FF - DX users upgrading from D3XXX/D5XXX/D7XXX

  1. D600 - Keep the products, but fix the dust issue permanently (For entry level) - £1250

For my needs, I would be happy with either the D600 or D610 as I don't need speed or weight.

What do you guys think?

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