Does this scare you?

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Re: Does this scare you?

No, this might be the upcoming new normal.  Apple devices take better photos than my Nikons if you strictly look at color and contrast quality on out-of-the-box JPGs.  This is a matter of taste of course, but hey, it's hard to find fault in photos from Apple devices if you look at them for what they are and even stacking them up at photos from dedicated cameras.  Couple that with capable and quick editing on the device itself and instant delivery to blog or Facebook, you have a clear winner there.

Like I keep saying, give me an iPhone with a zoom lens and all my compact camera needs are met, and actually exceeded.  iPads also fall into that category.

Because people's expectations seem to have gone down when it comes to quality of photography, and many don't even notice the nice bokeh from DSLRs and nice portrait lenses, it just won't make much difference to them, unless they print large - but in practice only a few do.

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