Stock analyst view of Canon and Nikon

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Re: Stock analyst view of Canon and Nikon

Profesional photography is on a decline in most markets - and that's expected.  Nikon has messed up it's product line - which is accelerating it's demise.  Canon has a solid product line at the moment, however the general trend of the market does not indicate that the mainstream market will be receptive to products like DSLRs much longer.  Fortunately for Canon, their business is well diversified in other segments than photography, and they also have a very solid line of professional video cameras by now, while Nikon has next to nothing.  I'm not even mentioning Nikon's incapability at wi-fi and edit-on-the-spot and deliver quickly functionality.  It's simply not there - even considering the expensive add-ons you can indeed buy for Nikon.

At the same time cell phone cameras have virtually wiped out the compact camera market and that trend only seems to be forcefully pushing on.  Give me an iPhone with a zoom lens, and my own compact camera needs are met.

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