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Re: 7D noise reduction help sort

Alastair Norcross wrote:

I use Lightroom 5. I find the NR and sharpening in that program to work really well. I always sharpen with a mask, usually set at 70, to make sure not to sharpen the noise. I use both color and luminance NR, but not much luminance. For ISO 1600, about 15, going up to 20 for ISO 3200 and 25 for 6400. For most purposes, that's fine. If I want a really smooth background for huge viewing purposes, I'll use a program like Topaz, but I almost never need to do that. Since I started to use Lightroom, I rarely need to open a shot in Photoshop. Lightroom does pretty much everything I need. I can export web-sized JPEGs, print directly from RAW, without having to export a giant TIFF, or export a large JPEG or TIFF for those rare occasions when I want to do more work in PS. I always shoot RAW, except for sports.

Always, always use the mask when sharpening the RAW image especially when shooting high ISO. I'm usually at 80. One of the best tools Adobe came up with. I use it on my 5D3 as well.

ACR/LR. Same thing. Image is ISO 12,800 on a 7D

No NR. I even took the colour noise default of 25 down to 0

First work the colour noise. Once you get it decent looking don't increase any more as you will change the colours.

Next work on Luminance. Careful with this one because the more you increase the more you lose sharpness.

Final product.

I like to use this for final sharpening. It is also an edge sharpening method and you can control how much edge you want to sharpen. Basically you can eliminate all back ground and surface area sharpening. Good for hobby shots but not great for mass edits. Time consuming to do each image. I created an action and it takes about 25 seconds to run for an image.


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