Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

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Re: Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

Stacey_K wrote:

davetj_uk wrote:

Is there any truth in this?

It makes sense to me for the same reason it did with film. The latest D800 type sensor is really pushing what any glass can resolve. To make higher MP FF bodies at this point would have diminishing returns due to the lack of optics that can resolve them. It would likely be less expensive to produce larger lenses, for a larger sensor, that didn't have to out resolve the current optical designs.

An example of this would be my old fuji 6X9 rangefinder. The lens resolved about what a really good 35mm lens did so it wasn't some optical miracle. But the resulting images were simply amazing and blew away anything you could get from even the best 35mm optics using the best high resolution film.

But medium format sensors are several generations behind current DX and FX sensors whereas you could use the same emulsions for both 120 and 35mm. Most "medium format" sensors are not even 6x4.5 - so the size difference is also nowhere near what you got with your 6X9. Consequently I'd expect the difference between medium format digital and an FX DSLR to be far less than what you got with your Texas Leica over a 35mm SLR.

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