Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

stimpy wrote:

andyjayscott wrote:

stimpy wrote:

I don't get m43 at all. I had a G3 for a few months and all that happened was I lost interest in photography.

Now I see the latest whizz bang Olympus body selling for more than a good Fuji with lens. It makes me laugh.

Eh? What don't you get?

Take the gx7 it's a small discrete ilc camera much like the xe1 with very similar iq in the real world.

The only real difference is ibis, fast and accurate af and decent video.

I didn't take any pictures I liked, had no fun using it, and all but quit photography altogether.

Obviously that's just my experience with the one m43 camera but it put me right off.

I bought the X100 and it all changed

That is sad to hear if you can only get good photos with one type of camera, I'd hate that. Strange too as I'd bet good money you can't tell the difference between several photos taken with m43 and an X camera.

People can absolutely gel with one camera and not another. It's also possible that the extra 2/3 stop improvement in DOF makes a tangible difference in the way he perceives his photographs. If cameras don't matter, we should all go on shooting with our smart phones and be done with it.

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