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Kodachrome200 wrote:

I studied photography since i was a child. I had actual pros mentor me when i was a young man. I I worked for other photogs for years. I learned my craft paid my dues and i have pretty good success in my field. I never have had any other career and i dont think i will ever want one. You have to be willing to do the work. just saying photography is easy and anyone can do it and see how you could do it if you spent $400..

You need to get out of your bubble and become part of the industry. Assist pros on shoots. If your really luck you might develop a mentoring realtionship or even get a job with somebody.

its really a tough field and not at all easy to get into but dont call it a joke. There is a massive need in society for professional photographs and a lot of opportunity to make money taking them. instead of thinking you already know everything and expecting instant success go out and learn how this industry really works and become part of it. start small and work your way up

Your comments parallel my thoughts exactly. I am a physician; I took 4 years of meaningless undergrad courses, competed with thousands of other aspiring students, spent inordinate amounts of time and money just to get in to medical school. Then another 3 years in class, and 5 more years as a type of apprentice to practicing doctors, all to earn my profession.

I imagine the road to professional photographer to be similar, except there's not as many people who have the skills/talent/patience to actually make it there. If the OP's commitment to being a "professional" consists of $400, some business cards and a couple years of evenings and weekends, then he just wasted some perfectly good business cards.

OTOH, I suspect we've all just been trolled.....


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