I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

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Re: I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

Hi tecnoworld,

Your poll options was so limited, so leave me no choice but to choose only the "None of the above" option.

Yes, I've believed that Samsung was always listening to it customers, that's why they release NX300, Galaxy Camera and Galaxy NX Camera.

As NX300 user yourself, you've already know it come with plenty of improvements, but Samsung still keeping it the same price like last year NX210 it replaces.

Let me re-cap about NX300 improvements over NX210. It come with new,

Iin-chip phase detection combined with contrast hybrid AF for fast AF, More 105 points (Phase Detection AF), 247 points (Contrast AF) AF points, 8.6fps high speed burst shots, DRIMeIV image processor, higher ISO speed, larger & higher resolution 3.3" Tiltable AMOLED touch screen, Touch & shoot, Focus peaking, Higher speed shutter mechanism, Battery charging with laptop/PC USB port or with mobile power bank.

There's many more to go, but what my main objective about the NX300 recap was, given the plenty improvements and same price, you can't ask Samsung for more.

Now back to your topic.

For Olympus,

  • My father and I has owned many Oly 35mm SLR camera like OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM10, OM20, OM30, OM40 & many lenses in the past. All of them are considered good, by 35mm camera standard. However, for today Oly newer DSLR, they are way too old fashion by any new and modern DSLR design standard.
  • Also by sticking with only M43 format DSLM, they've shot themself on both feets and nailed them on the same ground with not much of advancement in the future, unless they adopt bigger APS-C or FF format sensor. That's the reason most of their advance customers has swtiched camp to Canon and Nikon, or still keeping a M43 camera for spare/backup camera only.
  • No, less desire EVF, bigger buffer and IBIS will not help Olympus out much from their current fraud scandals and finance crisis. At least 90% amateur camera users don't care or don't benefit anything from the 3 features. Mind you, IBIS was not without trouble and they will bring more mechanism failure and maintenance issue than benefit in long term usage. I say no what you've said Oly "Pro level", I don't feel any at all. Maybe "Classic feel" but definitely not "Pro level feel".

For Pana GX7,

  • The high price for tiny sensor, off-center axis rangefinder design and the poor & horrible EVF already make it a less desire mini DSLR, and that's a full stop from me.

For Galaxy NX,

  • As it was a 1st generation Android OS based DSLM, there's more improvements to go. So I'll give it a past.

tecnoworld, I have seen many of your post talking about you "Like", "Wish" & "Want" camera. What I can suggest and provide advice to you was, "There will be no perfect camera in this world." It's like, I like MF or even FF camera OVF and those fast lenses IQ, but I will not cave in for the much heavy weight and it less portability outdoor, not to mention I won't folk-out big money just for the camera body alone. Maybe I'll get one FF camera, if the body price was below US$1500.

Last but not least,

  • With today corporate finance control standard and share holders reporting structure, no corporate can do what they "Like or Wanted" just by their wish. That's why sometime we've see people been ousted from a corporate, like Steve Jobs for instance, he's ousted from Apple back in 80's.

One having his/her wish list was fine. One can fulfilled the wish list all by himself/herself was even great. A wish list to be fulfill by other is all different story.

So take care and take it easy my friends.

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