Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

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Re: Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

Nexu1 wrote:

khaledgawdat wrote:

Canon is working on a medium format system, Nikon has a patent for a medium format lens. Seems that FF people think bigger not smaller is better

Think back 5 years and Canon and Nikon were selling a ton of point & shoot cameras. As we all know, camera phones are killing that market. It might be as simple as Canon/Nikon see all/most smaller sensor cameras evaporating and DX/FX/MF remaining. Hell, some think DX won't survive. Maybe in 10 years FX is the "consumer/advanced amateur" sensor size while MF is for "pro's".

"Pro's" will most likely be extinct in 10 years. At least for still photojournalism. Already 85-90% of MLB, NBA, & NFL sports photographers are weekend wannabes with day jobs as doctors, lawyers, real estate executives, and engineers, or retired cops and retired high school coaches.

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