ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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full circle: "just raise ISO, when necessary!"

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

Summary: Am saying more narrowly that doing anything but maximizing your exposure, specifically via using the slowest shutter speed and thus lowest ISO that's practical and doesn't overexpose, for the aperture and scene you've chosen, for almost all practical purposes will not give you any higher-quality raw files, and thus is not worth troubling oneself over--regardless of whether or not a Nex C3 is "ISO-less" or whatever.


Boring Details

Edited highlights:

We might as well just enjoy the nice preview and playback afforded by simply:

selecting whatever lowest ISO lets us capture the scene with the brightest important pixels being just shy of the right-hand edge of the exposure histogram.

Or of course, if the scene is high-key with lots of important highlight detail that you want perfectly rendered, back off exposure so that the brightest pixels in the exposure histogram are maybe 80% of the way to the right. I (and probably you) back off exposure when trying to, say, capture every possible detail in a boring photo of puffy clouds...or more practically, stand off a little farther from the right-hand edge of the histogram when a model is wearing white anything.

By the way, am not saying there are no theoretical differences in what you can get out of a Nex C3 with various too-low raw file ISO settings. But for noticeable purposes am sticking by the statement at the top of this message.

Not boring at all; a very interesting line of thought and exploration - thanks Russell! And it seems conclusive for this sensor:


- no visible benefit in keeping ISO at the low read noise minimum (800 for this sensor), and possibly struggling with a dim view/LCD in camera, and raising brightness later.

I'd be very interested if bobn2, Great Bustard, Gollywop, Detail Man et al would agree?

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