E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: Shock vs. shake

Andy Westlake wrote:

tt321 wrote:

Removing shake, but giving shock a chance to shine, I'd have thought one should place the camera stably on a hard surface, but not screwed down so that whatever that surface is made of does not become the same body, thus increasing the mass.

You could do this, I suppose, but I seriously doubt it'll show anything different to my 'wobbly tripod' tests. You certainly don't need to do it to see mirror shock in SLRs (the whole problem with which is that it doesn't go away, no matter how heavy the tripod), and 'shutter shock' should have exactly the same properties.

What might be learned shooting in continuous mode, ie looking at the 2nd shot in series vs. the first in the series.?

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