Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Frankly I'm appalled to find, after almost a year of shooting a lot of images that I really really like with my X-E1, that the X-Trans sensor is No Good. Well knock me down with a chamois leather, I'll have to start disliking all of my shots now.

Same here ... *wink, wink*


I have to say that your over-reaction over this sensor issue is typically defensive. I haven't seen posts saying that the X-trans is 'No good' but there a some which claim that the Bayer is good & is cheaper & is more easily handled by PS & similar programs.

Even some supporters of the X-trans sensor admit that there are issues over the rendering of foliage in landscape shots , hence the support for different RAW converters. Fuji upset some users of the X-100 when they switched to a non-Bayer sensor , are the ideas & feelings of those users to be tossed aside & dismissed as invalid ?

Comparisons of the X-100 & X-100s are complicated by the change in sensor resolution whereas the XM-1 & XA-1 comparisons are on a more level playing field. To my mind the final verdict isn't in yet but people need to calm down over this issue & deal with it in a more rational manner.

Calm, calm, I was only poking fun.

I'll put my hand up and say yes, foliage with some lenses (CV 15 comes to mind) was dreadful in LR before they tweaked it; still isn't amazing. Then, with other lenses, it's perfectly acceptable. It's one reason why I was wondering if wide-angle M-mount lenses work any better with the Bayer.  The other thing I wonder about is "character"; I have the zoom but find it a little bit sterile whereas the pancake is anything but; does the same apply to sensors and would I find the Bayer likewise a bit sterile?

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