Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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re: the quandary might be much less than it appears...

R2D2 wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

well, this was to be expected - after all progress should happen - so... good news, although extremely bad for my wallet = the actual question, though, is... should I do it now with the 70d, or... rather wait till the 7d Mk-II arrives, as it ought to inherit all the goodies, and combine the best from the two lines??? No way I can afford to keep all these cameras collecting dust on my shelves

LOL. A good pickle to be in. You really can't lose either way! I'm looking for possible improvements of AF speed and accuracy over my 7d, which is about month short of its fourth year in my service - needles to say I was very happy with its performance for dynamic action, sports and wildlife shooting (pretty prominent fraction of them being BIFs & IIFs). So the upgrade needs to be quite substantial to be noticeable indeed. My current position is to wait till the 7d Mk-II, unless there will be some overwhelming evidence of 70d's being a maverick marvel !!


PS many thans for the details on flash burst use

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