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Re: Olympus sh50

Thanks for taking the time to comment everyone!

I should mention, I have had the camera for just a day and a bit, so still finding what works best with the camera. It helps that I had the Xz1 before I suppose.

I also forgot to mention that the camera has a touch screen, and you can take pics by touching it, or lock the focus and use the shutter button to take the picture. Most of the time I have used the shutter button, as I find it is steadier taking pictures at full zoom.

As for the 3 axis Is, I don't know enough yet to say how well it works. It seems to do the trick, as some of the shots I took were from a moving car. The 5 axis Is used for movies is amazing. I shot several videos from a moving car and I have never seen anything like it from such a small camera. It also takes hi-speed - slow motion video in 720p  that is also another little thing that will come in handy. It only shoots in 20 second bursts with this, but played back the clip goes on for several minutes!

I bought this camera  to use as fun carry around camera, but it has a lot going for it, so I am very pleased with what I have seen at this point.

I wish it had raw, but you can't have everything, as we all know!:-D Hope this helps anyone considering this camera.

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