I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

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Re: I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

I picked the GX7 option, as I'd prefer that to a larger, heavier body, but really I'm not bothered about the form factor as long as the ergonomics are good - the camera can fit large and small hands well, doesn't slip easily, has various manual controls that are easily accessible and customisable, and the build quality is good. I like the current NX20 form factor, but I'd rather have a well-build rangefinder design to a bad mini-DSLR design. I don't really need a high-end pro model, and I'd be concerned about price, but I'd rather have to save 6 months for an expensive camera that ticks all the boxes than be able to buy now a cheap camera missing features.

The important thing is controls. The Panasonic Gx series, and as far as I can tell the GH2/3 and GX7 too, all have good accesible physical controls that can be customised. Add a touchscreen by all means, but please don't take away my dials and buttons!

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