Will the K3 keep me in the Pentax fold?

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Will the K3 keep me in the Pentax fold?

When I became a Pentax user (about 2006), I had a different criteria of needs from my cameras than I do now in that I currently shoot professionally. I was drawn to images made with Pentax cameras because they seemed to me to be more natural, with a great depth of color. I was also drawn to the user/photographer friendly characteristics, and to the value of their cameras. But shooting professionally (weddings) creates specific needs, which to be fair, may never have been part of the Pentax landscape. I would love to stay with Pentax because of my inherent sympathy with David vs Goliath, and because I already have an investment in their lenses (little to complain about there). However, I believe that shooting weddings with Pentax makes me work harder, and I am losing my interest in this time investment. Here is what I need from the K3 to keep me around:

– Viable AF function. By viable, I mean quick, accurate, and capable in low light. [If the spec rumors are accurate, this function may have been met.]

– Viable TTL flash system. I know that there are some that will argue about the capabilities Pentax TTL when used in a specialized way, but I want it to measure up against the big boys systems. In other words, I want it to work at least 90% of the time, as opposed to the 30% of the time I have gotten with Pentax. [No information on this capability yet.]

– Pleasing, out-of-camera exposure. This is one area where I think Canon smokes Pentax (I have no experience with Nikon). Give me a difficult lighting situation, ask me what brand camera I want to use, and I will choose Canon. I do not always like the color renditions that Canon images sometimes have (overly warm, and cotton candy bright), but the exposures are usually excellent. While I do like the natural color renditions of Pentax images, I find I have to spend a lot of time post processing them to open up, brighten, and create a more generally accepted, pleasing exposure. If one has the time and inclination to stamp there own style on an image via post processing, then I think Pentax is an excellent tool because it captures a lot of information that can be extracted during post processing. But I am getting too busy, and too tired to devote that much time and energy to processing photographs, and I would like something that is more user friendly out of the camera.

– Durability. Shouldn't be a problem with Pentax, especially if the rumors that the K3 is good for 200k shutter actuations are true. A two to three year warranty would really seal the deal.

– User ergonomics. This has been a Pentax specialty. I have a couple of questions about the new design, but I will give Pentax the benefit of the doubt given their excellent history in this criteria.

– Bells & whistles: I have no problem with a camera having more capabilities than I have as long as the basics I listed above are present. Perhaps I will grow as a photographer and use them in the future. I would love to be able to order my camera with ala carte functions, but that is not the real world.

The skinny: I am looking for functionality, and pleasing image quality. So what else is new? This is Pentax's last chance with me. If they can meet the above criteria, then I'm in. But I will not make apologies, or excuses for Pentax anymore. They can either do it, or they can't.


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