7D noise reduction help sort

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Re: 7D noise reduction help sort

So, it's not really clear whether you are first doing NR, then sharpening, or going straight to sharpening.  Obviously, trying to sharpen a noisy image only makes things worse.  You MUST first do your NR, then sharpening as a final step.  I'm sure you already know that, but your examples imply that you're directly going to sharpening (I may well have misread what you said).

I also shoot with a 7D, and in general at ISO 400 or 800, I am able to control noise fairly easily without sacrificing much detail.  In some cases, you may want to mask areas where you have more detail and use a different level of NR in those areas (easily done with Photoshop or Lightroom).  I've used that technique with hummingbirds in cases where I've had to shoot at higher ISOs (usually max 1600) in order to preserve fine feather detail but do more aggressive NR on the bokeh where the detail doesn't matter.  Usually in areas where there is a lot of detail, the noise isn't as apparent and not so noticeable.

Can you clarify your workflow a bit?

cjf2 wrote:

The original picture was just out of focus and blurred to let the noise show. Here are a couple that have exif to show exposure. Zoom in and see the sharpened grain. The middle one of the juvenile gull standing is as it came out of the camera but made smaller to post here.

800 iso sharpened

1600 iso as out of camera as a jpeg

1600 iso. topaz and sharpened

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