Canon flash manual mode and distance

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Re: Canon flash manual mode and distance

kentmcpherson wrote:

In Bryan Peterson's book "Understanding Flash Photography", his examples are all on Nikon equipment. He shows many examples where he can specify an exact flash to subject distance, e.g. 13 feet. I shoot Canon gear and it appears that my 580 EX II flashes only do a distance range, e.g. 3 feet to 20 feet. But this range seems much to big to be useful. Is there a mode for Canon that gives a specific distance? Is there a way to use the range effectively?

I fear you have the wrong book for your flash.  There is no TTL in that book.

Some Nikon flash models have a GN Mode, which is a Guide Number calculator, and you enter the subject distance, and it knows the rest, and it sets the right power level for the distance and the settings. This is a Manual mode, requiring you to enter subject distance. Not all Nikon flash models have that mode, but the SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 models do.

I don't know much about Canon, but I think your display is part of TTL mode, showing the minimum and maximum distances it can do automatically.

Looking at your manual (page 22), your Manual flash mode shows you the distance for your power and camera settings, so you could change things until it shows you the correct subject distance.

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